• How to Deal With School Trip Anxiety

    Many students have to deal with anxiety while going on a school tour. The anxiety is triggered in students due to different situations for instance, he might suffer from homesickness, might be unable to adapt to the new environment or he might have fear of heights. School trip anxiety sometimes appears as headaches and tummy […]


    A ttrezzatura FishingWhat is needed as equipment for a fly fishing trip is very little: a rod , a reel , a rat’s tail , some rigs , a couple of nylon spools , some flies , a pair of scissors , silicone to grease the flies and of course appropriate clothing. In principle, our […]

  • Fly Fishing: Simple Tips to Get Started

    Surely standing on the bank of a river you will have happened to see a fisherman, equipped to the teeth as if he were an astronaut, making precise and elegant casts with a kind of “whip” and above all ….. fishing! Don’t you like the idea of ​​trying?Don’t you have the feeling that such a […]