Fly Fishing: Simple Tips to Get Started

Surely standing on the bank of a river you will have happened to see a fisherman, equipped to the teeth as if he were an astronaut, making precise and elegant casts with a kind of “whip” and above all ….. fishing!

Don’t you like the idea of ​​trying?
Don’t you have the feeling that such a special way of understanding fishing must be exciting?

If so … “congratulations!”, You are starting to be seduced by the charm of fly fishing. But where to start? What should be done?
Certainly you will have no problem getting good books, videos or contacting clubs that organize good quality courses. However, if at first you just want to try to see what happens, with this article we will try to give you some basic tips to be successful. And if you decide to continue in this splendid world of fishing, you will be in charge of complicating your life by yourself with new materials, casting techniques, special rigs, etc … that will produce you a healthy and unstoppable dedication to the fly.

The basic equipment
The barrel
There are many brands that present models with excellent value for money. What matters is to start with a quality tool, which can make you progress and enjoy this technique widely, at an affordable price.

The reel
Normally it is recovered by pulling the mouse tail with the hand; the reel is used only as a catcher of the line.

The rat tail
This name is given to a conical line that allows you to cast a fly by giving “lashes”; there are many types; it is better to start with a cheap, good quality and perfectly calibrated float, number 4 or 5.

The terminal
It is the invisible connection between the rat tail and the fly. On the market there are many types, braided, made up of monofilaments, knotted etc …, to start with, a conical monofilament, 4x or 5x is preferable.

The connector
There are cheap and long-lasting ones; on the envelope there is a diagram showing how to mount it on the mouse tail.

At this point we could already tie a fly to our rig and try to fish; I trust that from the first moment fly fishing will captivate you with its charm and enchantment, making you feel the desire to get the rest of the gear that is still missing from your equipment.

The vest
It will be your particular warehouse. Inside we will place: wire cutter, silicone to give the fly buoyancy, some spare terminals and the essential fly boxes, in which we will place a multipurpose assortment of dry, submerged, nymph, emerging flies, etc …

Equipped with everything needed for our first days of fishing, we can arm ourselves with patience to face our wonderful and sometimes maddening friends: trout.Let us now try to facilitate your first steps as “flyers” as much as possible. With the passage of time the successes will increase and the “small” failures will decrease from day to day.

The next suggestions will be presented in the simplest possible form: we do not intend, in fact, to take the chair, to give you an indigestion of technicalities, and, even less, to impose our opinions, but simply to help you start, as soon as possible, to fish.